I am an energy sensitive individual. Throughout my life I have followed energy and searched for ways to channel energy and to increase its flow within myself and in others.

In the beginning, I studied traditional Usui Reiki and went on to become a Reiki Master. During this period, I became well studied in Sports Massage. From that platform, I discovered the healing leverage that could be obtained through CranioSacral Therapy. The combination of CranioSacral and Reiki brought forth great results for me and the people who came to experience it.

My pursuit of increasing energy flow has led me to a high degree of proficiency in such healing modalities as Reconnective Healing, Seemorg Matrix Work (now known as Advanced Integrative Therapy) and Slim Spurling's Light Life Tools.

Over many years, I have also practiced meditation to calm and quiet the mind and body, while allowing the Soul to expand and experience the Divine connection. I have trained and studied Buddhist meditation on silent retreats, Indian meditation in the form of chanting and mantra, Heart Rhythm practice, a body centered meditation as well as “holding current”, an energy centered meditation.

In the year 2001, I completed a two year course of study and training and was ordained as an interfaith minister with Circle of Miracles Ministry. The ministry training included Biblical studies with a metaphysical emphasis, an overview of World religions and the similarities of their understanding of the Divine, as well as spiritual counseling and healing.More recently I have been involved in studies in Non-Violent Communication, sometimes known as compassionate communication. At the heart of NVC is a deep desire for connection and consideration of the feelings and desires of all parties involved in any type of discussion.

Most recently my energetic searches have led me to the monoatomic minerals ,the Etheriums and The Andaras. They are found in the same place in the Sierra Nevada mountains and carry a very high vibrational frequency.

Welcome to the site and enjoy looking around!