Andara's Speak

The Genesis Spiral, in our own words..

The Genesis Spiral is an active act of creation. Inspired by the Creator aspect of the Divine;the Elohim , on Mintaka ,Orion. Their deliberate act of creation is of the energy of creation. All aspects of creation.

Within the Genesis spiral are layers and layers of understanding. Your creation of the spiral , each time it is created is an act of God, godliness.

The Spiral from itself spins the energy outward to merge with all the grid space, all the Universal energy, allowing for creation to manifest into form within your world. We appreciate your calling and your dedication to this action of creation. The willingness to be willing to facilitate for yourself and for others in their growth and evolution within the Ascension process.

The Spiral itself: It consists of many of the Andara crystal stones. The Andara stones are not of your world and not of your planet. The come from the stars ,many galaxy's away from your world. They are here to help humanity with the process of ascension into the 5th dimensional energies. To assist in acclimating the human physical body to the higher frequency energies. To assist the human DNA to open all levels and all 12 strands to its fullest communication properties.

The Genesis Spiral , in your 3-D eyes appears as many stones /Andara crystals; it is this , it is also much more.

The Genesis Spiral is the Divine breath of Prime Creator , God , moving over the face of the water and slowing down and making dense, spirit into matter.

The central stone, Creator stone, Spirit of God stone stands alone and higher. It sits above the crowd so to speak. It's essence moves outward and stirs the energies of the Andara's that "follow it" in the spiral.

The stones that come next in the pattern are known as seafoam. They are called by this because of the characteristic bubbles that abound within them. They are also called seafoam because of the blue gray cloudy appearance of the stone. Looking like a sea in the North Atlantic, the North sea and other rough and cold waters; The sea foam represent The water of life. They represent a place of movement and partial light. Yet the bubbles within them represent the Light of the Divine and the Divine energy in motion. the Divine energy moving and flowing forward /upward/ outward.. Moving and flowing,moving and flowing.

Then in the spiral come the Elders,three stones/Andara crystals representing the division of energy into the polarity of male and female , masculine and feminine. The Elders bring the strength and wisdom as well as the knowledge of Union, Divine Union and Oneness; their energies move outward within the Spiral energies. They flow the Oneness of all life everywhere. In concert with masculine and feminine ,the third Andara represents the womb, where all life is formed and begins.

Then comes an Amber Andara. Amber, clear yet darker in color from the earlier stones. Amber to begin the densification of form. The beginning of form from formlessness .Amber, flowing light and grace. flowing connection.

The next Andara is called Blood of the Dragon:

To unlock pure potential outside of science combine Magic and spirituality. Expand the potential and expand the focus of creation. Facilitate the use of the imagination into reality. How far can your imagination stretch? What can it encompass?

Then in the Spiral comes red. Scarlet, red glowing in Light. The Eternal fire at the base ,enlivening all forms of life. Scarlet heat and pulse flowing outward and upward.

The next Andara represents the second chakras within the human chakra energy system. The color that represents this is orange. Full of energy. Within the Spiral there are two stones, one is deep orange in color and full of Divine energy represented by the bubbles it carries.

The other Andara is peach in color. Carrying the rays of orange,red,in pale tones and overtones. brings a kinder gentler tone to the level of the second chakra. softness, kindness, loving compassion are all represented within this Andara color and this energy is spiraled outward into creation.

The color coming next is a yellow. The brightness of sunshine, the joy and laughter of sunshine play and action. Yellow with clarity of knowing the self and embracing the self with conviction and strength. Bubbles to carry the Divine spark and energy in a very active manner.

The next chakra level represented within the Spiral is the level of the Heart. The stones that at present are energizing at this level of the Spiral are an Elder Andara, olive green carrying large bubbles. This Elder represents feminine wisdom, gentleness, kindness and Unity. The Unity of standing together for strength and compassion.

There is an Emerald green andara. The emerald green represents the lushness and green growth of the heart space. Expansion and possibility of change and transformation.

There is a small Andara clear with dense olive green and dense pink. Love within Divine. Divine connection and direction surrounded with wisdom an space.

There is another Andara representing this level also. It is clear pink and filled with Light. Pink for love and warmth and kindness and fullness of feeling and compassion.

The level of speech and expression is created by several Andara's also. There is a deep blue, cobalt in a triangular shape. The triangle representing peace,love and compassion. The speech of unity and love. There is another dense cobalt andara. There is an Andara that is clear with dense swirls of steel blue and darker blue. It is clear,white,sky blue, swirled like clouds on a sunny day; presence of God,purity of expression,joy in creation.

There is an Andara,dense blue,appearing black. The darker parts of ourselves, our darker expressions. (Martha Stewart: "It's all good") Loving the darker portions of our natures. The darkness within us. The darkness is also an expression of the Divine.

The next level of the chakra system is represented by an Andara that is purple ,deep purple. It offers a triangular shape again representing It represents the insight within the insight. An energy calling to look deeper into situations and events. Things are not what they appear on the surface. The Divine is everywhere and within all people ,places, things and events. The Divine is everywhere.

The LaVanDar is the large clear lavender stone that sits within the spiral to strongly activate our knowing, our intuition and our "gut feelings'. It arrived to become part of the spiral when the need for increased intuition became apparent.

The dark appearance of the Andara that calls itself Deep Wisdom is misleading. Deep Wisdom states that it is part of the Spiral to help us fully awaken and rely on our internal compass for clear direction and True North.

The next chakra level is represented by an Andara that is clear/ white /clear. it calls it's color Cosmic Ice. Ice from the cosmos here to facilitate connection to the Divine within and without.

There is a second Andara,clear /white, with bubbles. Also facilitates Divine connection.

As the energy becomes faster and of a "higher " frequency an nature and explodes outward,the spiral spins faster. With the speed of energy a vortex is created. This a vortex of Creation itself. Full creation of the intention you have brought with you into the presence of the Spiral. There is such beauty and such pleasure in the spin of this energy. A feeing of connection of All -that - is.

To manifest this energy into form and time and space ( as we know it ) it needs to become denser and spin a bit slower and more directly.

This direct and directed spinning is done by the next group.

These Andara's are brown in color. The brown is deep and dense . At their edges they show amber tones,yet they are much darker. They carry the strength and the wisdom to control the spin of energy, and direct it into form. The brown Andara's carry a strong energy of Purposefulness within the Vision. Strength to control and direct while maintaining integrity and clear sight. The Brown Andaras are both wise and strong , they are gentle and loving. The Brown Andara's have the Ability to take a high thought , a dream and intention and direct the energy to assume form and shape without loss of Divinity or integrity . They maintain Light and Love within form and space and time. They are workers , movers and shakers that are often under appreciated because of the darkness of their appearance. The Brown Andara's appear somber yet they contain great joy and happiness. The type of quiet joy found within those who know their Divine purpose and calling and follow it strongly and deeply.

There is another level of energy represented within the Genesis Spiral. This is a deeper level of form. The next level of the Spiral is maintained by Andara's who call themselves Iridium Black. They serve in many ways. They are quality control; examining the Intention brought forward and the way it is manifesting . They look deeply and see if there is any part that does not hold with the Souls best interest and its well being and they shift these parts as needed. They continue to intensify the density of the intention being manifest into the world.

The Black Andaras also run energy through the space that holds the Genesis spiral as people sit within the Spiral. They move through and clear out /remove any negative effect beliefs, energies, thought forms or spirits that the Soul is ready and willing to release. This clearing is done gently and smoothly. Only thought forms, ideas and beliefs that a Soul chooses to release will be removed. The Iridium Black Andara's joyfully refer to themselves as the sanitation and clean-up crew. They also call themselves Quality Control.

The Andara that sits at the tail end of the Genesis spiral is predominantly clear, with white opaque swirls in it's center. It has a layer of palest blue/green hue.

The Andara calls itself Spirit- In - Matter. It's statement is " I am as my name implies. I am the Spirit that infuses the material energy. The Divine spark within all life. Beauty in all things. Hotep.