How to take care of your Andara

The first thing to mention is that Andara's love water. Water of all kinds. Tap water in the sink. Bath water. Rain water. Ocean water. The water in lakes and streams.

The Andara's carry the highest vibration of any stone on the planet at this time. Because they carry this high vibration they do not need to be cleared or cleaned like other crystals from the earth. Other crystals will clear negative effect energies and in the process will acquire some of the energies and eventually become energetically foggy and need to be cleared.

Andara's will clear themselves and continue to hold their high, vibrant levels. So the Andara's do not need water to clear vibrations , but they love the water. The Andara's first came here in the time of Lemuria and they were in water often. Their energy is amplified in water. For this reason they have a strong affinity for water.

The Andara's become excited when placed in water. They become joyful and if possible they become brighter. Their enthusiastic vibrations become even more pronounced.

So, put your Andara's in water as often as you are able.

Andara's love sunlight. When the suns light travels through an Andara and is received through the eyes of hue-man beings; it is received as a healing vibration. Sun lit Andara's are healing tools. Most pronounced are the color ray Andara's when they are placed in the sun.The colors shine brightly and in their glow they spark happiness and joy. So place Andara's on shelves in windows. Take them outside and gaze at them in full sunlight!

Handle Andaras gently. Andara's are hard stones. They also have planes of composition like silica within their makeup. In practical terms this means handle them carefully. If they are dropped on a hard surface they can chip, they can break, or worst case they can shatter. If you move them from place to place make sure to cover them and pad them well. I have found that wrapping them in a thick washcloth is one good solution. If they have a choice, they prefer a cloth wrapping over plastic bubble wrap. Whatever you have on hand , use it to cover them to transport them from place to place.

If they chip or break. ( OK it is sad but all is not lost ) You can place chips in flowerpots with plants and it facilitates growth. Chips ( no matter how small ) can be placed in waterways (creeks and streams ) to help life in the waterways and help purify water. Any and all sizes pf Andara's create connections to all other Andara's Since Andara's have been placed all over the planet in many sacred and energetic sites ,any chip you set in nature will connect this grid even more strongly.

Along with handling Andara's with care so as not to break or chip them, comes another reason to be careful. Sharp edges. Because Andara's will break along flatter planes they often have sharp edges when they become chipped. You can be cut by these edges!!

If you have a very sharp edge on an Andara you can use an emery board to gently rub over the spot and grind just the sharpness away. While the Andara's prefer to be as large as possible, they do understand about sharp edges. They will embrace the emery board ( or the jewelers file ) as you rub off the sharp edge. If you find you need to use an emery board on an Andara edge, it would be useful to perform this task either in your yard, over a flower bed, at the base of a tree, over a small stream or in another natural setting. Even the small dust of an Andara will have a beneficial effect on nature.