Genesis Spiral

The Genesis Spiral is a geometric form , made of Andara crystal stones. It is the largest number of these stones to gather on the East Coast. The Spiral is created to facilitate energy flow and to help raise the vibration of those who sit close to it.

The name comes from the verse in the first book of Genesis in the Bible that reads " and the Earth was without form and void; and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters."

This movement was the precursor of creation as we know it. This movement energy is the energy that is expanded from the Genesis spiral.

The energy is a renewal and activation of the 12 strands of DNA contained in the human body. The energy movement also activates the mitochondria of the cells within the body.

The Andara's themselves have this to say about the Genesis Spiral:

Each Soul who comes and sits with the Spiral has an opportunity to become a new creation.WE , the Spiral will awaken you to your fullest and even more full potential. We will speak to all the people that come to sit with us. Some to their ears, some to their hearts and some to their souls. ( not audible ie: I didn't feel anything ) Everyone who sits with us will be uplifted, will be shifted, will be transformed.

The Genesis Spiral is not a labyrinth, rather we are an act of creation and recreation. We are a sitting rather than a walking meditation. We are ourselves and we are Love.