These are all available for purchase in eastern Pennsylvania. Call 215-345-1291 or email me for more information and to make a purchase


  • Authentic Andaras
    Purchased from Mickey Magic (The Official Steward of the Andaras)
  • Presently available on the East Coast (Eastern Pennsylvania)
  • Sold by weight
  • Seafoam, Browns, and Elders - $50/oz
  • Clear Colored Stones - $75/oz


  • Authentic Andaras purchased from Mickey Magic
  • Taken to Iquitos, Peru where local artists prayed into each knot
  • Each necklace blessed by Ineke, a powerful Peruvian Curandera (Female Shaman)
  • Limited Supply. (More are being created)
  • Energy Exchange - $75

Spirit of God Andara Spray

  • The Central Stone of the Andara Genesis Spiral, The Spirit of God, is the vibration at the heart of this spray.
  • Useful for: raising energy in your home or office
  • Raising your own personal frequency
  • One spray into the air will shift the energy
  • External use only
  • Energy Exchange - $10 for a 3 oz spray bottle