Working with Andaras

Part 1

The Andara's state that their purpose is to help human beings ( they see us as souls within human bodies ) adjust to multidimensional shifts and changes.Part of this assistance takes the form of releasing old emotional residues from the cells of the body. The Andaras help the cells open fully to accommodate increased Light and Vibration. They activate the mitochondria of the cells to hold increased energy.

At this time in our ongoing history the Andaras are activating the dormant 12 strand DNA within our bodies. The Andaras activate latent gifts and abilities that are considered outside of the scope of human function.

As you read these words you may be surprised at the scope of things that the Andaras do . I am told to share that the above listings are only the tip of the iceberg and that all that the Andaras do is much more extensive. Further information will unfold with time.

In this moment, please recognize that the Andaras are powerfully transformational Beings of Light appearing in the form of crystalline glassine stones. When you chose to work with them , your life will change and you will grow. In all ways.

Change in any form is challenging. Allow yourself periods of time to adjust to the process.So if you begin to feel overwhelmed, or your life becomes too intense,step away for a period of time to allow yourself to adjust to the process.

  • Placing the Andara under your pillow at night, or on the bedside table will facilitate intense dreams. We often do personal clearing work in our dream state and the Andaras facilitate this process.
  • Meditating while holding an Andara allows your "brain chatter" to be put aside so that new insights are perceived. Many people have experienced conversations with Andaras while in this meditative state.
  • Carrying an Andara in a pocket on your person allows the energy to envelope the body and activate the cells.
  • Placing the Andara in a liquid such as water, juice, tea etc. , for several minutes creates an energized infusion beverage. Drinking these types of beverages is another way to experience the energy.
  • Placing the Andara ( or multiple Andaras ) in bath water and soaking in the tub is another way to experience the Andara energy and have them work with you.
  • Placing Andaras in full sunlight and gazing at them allows the energy to enter the body through the eyes. This gazing also has the advantage of the energy entering directly into the pineal gland , inside the brain.
  • Andaras can be incorporated into healing modalities such as massage, Craniosacral, reflexology, holotropic breathwork and etc. Simply place the Andara on the table next to you during a session. When you are in a relaxed state the Andaras help facilitate transformation and healing.

The important thing to remember in the beginning is that if you feel over energized, overwhelmed, over tired , then it is best to set the Andara aside for a period of time. Place it in a drawer, or on a shelf in a room you do not frequent or in some other quiet place. Then give yourself a few days to adjust to the increased frequency. Then pick up the Andara again and resume your interaction and transformation process.

The Andara's State again: Remember, you are deeply Loved and cherished. We the Andaras come to you with Love, from Love. We love you in all ways and in all dimensions.